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It is not possible to show all of our recent websites but those we feature here represent a cross-section of the design/technical skills we are able to offer.

AMS Gatwick

A website developed to the customer's requirement. We keep the whole of the content up to date, including uploading medical journals on request.

Bravo Delta Models

Data driven website allowing any number of aircrat models to be structured under given sections. The system automatically produces its own site map.

Crawley Down Tennis Club

A CMS (Content Management System) website, allowing the club administrator to maintain their own content on every page.

i-MASK Squash Visors

e-Commerce website.

Margaret Walsh Hypnotherapy

Again, a CMS website, allowing Margaret to keep all the details of the treatments offered up to date herself.

Squash Online League Management System (LMS)

A dedicated management system for Squash clubs playing in the Sussex and Hampshire county leagues. Generates fixture dates, allows each club to enter their own player ranking lists and match results. The system then produces online league tables, county-wide player performance statistics and peforms rule-infringement checks for the league administrator to action.

The GT Partnership

Another CMS website, for a Management Consultancy Company.

Wacky Sue's Quilts & Gufts

PayPal e-Commerce Website

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