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The Utility Warehouse

All prices current as at 16 April 2007

Office Phone

  • Save up to 45% on your call charges
  • Save up to 10% on your line rental
  • Capped local & national calls. Just 9p up to one hour
  • Capped calls to UK mobiles and international destinations

When you subscribe to our Business Phone service, you receive exactly the same quality of service you would receive from BT. There is no need to install any additional equipment or carry out inconvenient engineering or reprogramming
work, as all calls are automatically transferred onto our service at the local BT exchange. The only difference is the price you pay.

We’ll even transfer your line rental* and any select services you use (e.g. Call Forwarding and Call Minder), thereby maximising your savings with us. And although your line will be billed by us, it will still be maintained by BT’s own
engineers to exactly the same high quality provided to all BT direct customers. BT quality and reliability but at a cheaper price - now you’re talking!

You will receive a fully itemised bill from us every month, showing each call you’ve made, as well as useful additional information splitting the total cost between different types of call and the numbers you’ve called most often. In
addition to saving money, you can also benefit from the convenience of having all your fixed telephony charges, mobile phone and broadband internet charges, together with gas and electricity (for qualifying businesses) on a single monthly bill.

Customers must have a BT business line in order to take advantage of our Business Phone service.

* Customers with Featureline and ABC Redcare cannot take advantage of our line rental service, although they can still benefit from our cheaper call packages.

Choose between two great value price plans

Standard Tariff
Our Standard Tariff provides guaranteed value for money with call prices for UK calls up to 45% cheaper than the equivalent BT cost. Choose whichever price band best meets your specific business needs, with higher discounts available depending on how much you spend with us each month. We’ll even add the call charges for all your lines together to ensure you receive the largest discount possible. For example, Local and National calls could cost you as little as 1.45p a minute at peak times and an international call to one of 30 popular countries just 2.5p a minute at any time. And if your spend increases as your business grows, you can switch to the next discount level simply by giving us a call!

Capped Tariff
Our Capped Tariff gives you the benefit of a maximum fixed price for each call lasting up to one hour, to any UK landline, UK mobile or to any of 29 international destinations†, so you needn’t worry how long each call actually lasts.

Qualifying calls are charged at a low “per-minute” rate (with a small set-up charge) until the cap is reached - full details are shown in our tariff guide. Whichever capped Tariff option you choose, you’ll have the confidence of
knowing you’ll be saving money, as our prices have been set below those available on BT’s Business Plan.

† The countries included are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungry, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and USA.

Line Rental & Select Services
All Business Phone customers receive a 10% discount on BT’s standard business line rental, Select Services and Network Feature charges once their line has been successfully transferred to us. (Select Services and Network Features are additional options available on telephone lines such as “Call Divert” and “Call Minder”). In order to ensure continuity of service, all Select Services and Network Features are transferred to us on a ‘like-for-like’ basis†. A full Select Services and Network Features tariff sheet is available on request. † with the exception of “Customer Controlled Call Barring”

Line Maintenance
Although your line is billed by us, it will still be maintained by BT - so you’ll benefit from exactly the same technical skill, service and experience you would have received if you’d remained with BT paying higher prices! We appreciate how essential your telephone line is to your business, so we offer 3 levels of repair service for you to choose from in the unlikely event your line develops a fault:

Standard Care
Operates during normal working hours (0800 - 17:00 hrs Monday to Friday, excluding Bank and Public Holidays). We aim to respond to a fault report received before 17:00 hrs on one working day by the end of the next working
day. Work will be carried out only during working hours. Standard Care is provided free of charge.

Prompt Care
Operates between 08:00 - 17:00 hrs Monday to Saturday, excluding Bank and Public Holidays. We aim to respond within 4 working hours of receipt of a fault report. If the fault is not cleared during this period, we will advise you of the progress being made to clear the fault.

Total Care
Our most comprehensive level of service. Total Care operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including Bank and Public Holidays. We will respond within 4 hours of receipt of a fault report of total line failure. If the fault is not cleared
during this period we will advise you of progress being made to clear the fault.

Availability and charges

Analogue line
Standard Care
Prompt Care
£1.20 per line
Total Care
£3.30 per line
£3.30 per channel
£2.10 per channel

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