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The Utility Warehouse

All prices current as at 16 April 2007

Office Mobile

  • Save up to 65% on your call costs.
  • Line rental from only £5 a month.
  • Calls to other Office Mobile users only 3p per minute.
  • Standard calls just 5p per minute.
  • Exciting range of FREE handsets.
  • FREE itemised call listings.
  • FREE call control system.

At last! A mobile tariff that’s easy to understand, where you know exactly how much each call is going to cost in advance. After all, what could be more annoying than being on a bundled tariff where in some months you pay for lots of minutes you haven’t used and in other months you pay extra (at a high pence per minute rate) because you’ve made more calls than you expected to. Office Mobile is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Simple, cheap and outstanding value for money.

You pay a low monthly line rental and a flat rate of just 3p per minute for all your intra-company mobile calls. Calls to standard UK landlines are charged at 5p per minute. Text messages are only 5p each. And there’s no need to worry about high call prices for calling mobiles on other networks - they are all charged at the amazingly low rate of just 10p per minute. That’s around 66% cheaper than other networks typically charge for a cross-network call.

You can either keep your existing mobile phone and pay just £5 a month line rental, or choose one of our free phones and pay just £10 a month during the minimum contract term, which varies depending on the handset chosen. Once you’ve completed the minimum contract term, your line rental automatically reduces to just £5 per month.

We strongly recommend all customers who choose a free new handset also take advantage of our low-cost replacement phone service, which gives complete peace of mind in the event your new phone is lost, stolen or develops a fault. This is available from just £2 per month per phone, depending on the value of the handset you have chosen.

Call Control System
Do you worry about how much each of your employees is spending on their mobile phone? Call Control from the Utility Warehouse Discount Club for Business, allows you to control each employee’s monthly call spend by setting a limit on their calls, putting you in control of your mobile phone budget. When the call spend is a few pounds below the level requested we will send an SMS to the appropriate user’s phone warning their call spend is approaching the pre-agreed limit. Once the limit is reached the phone will be barred from making further outgoing calls (although it will still be able to accept incoming calls). Naturally, the authorised account manager can increase the limit at any time.

BlackBerry Solutions
Business moves quickly, and just because you or your staff are away from your desks, doesn’t mean that business stops. So how do you receive and respond to emails when not at your computer? The answer is with a BlackBerry. A mobile phone sized unit that offers a complete email solution whilst away from your computer - allowing you to send and receive emails and attachments in over 64 countries, thereby turning dead time into work time. On average, BlackBerry users can save themselves 15 to 20 minutes a day!

We offer a Prosumer Tariff which includes a free handset and a Corporate Tariff for network based users which includes free handsets and/or a free BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Further details on our BlackBerry tariffs are available on request.

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