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The Utility Warehouse

All prices current as at 16 April 2007


Switching your energy services to The Utility Warehouse Discount Club for Business is simple:

  • You keep the same pipes and meters
  • No interruption to your supply
  • You receive exactly the same gas and electricity
  • No minimum contract (unlike most other suppliers!)

Our low-cost tariffs are designed to provide business customers with consistently good value on their gas and electricity, across a wide range of usage profiles.

From customers running their own business from home, through to small and medium-sized businesses with hundreds of employees (including for example shops, pubs, churches, workshops and office buildings), you’ll find our prices are highly competitive.

And unlike most other suppliers of commercial energy, we won’t tie you into a long-term contract – so you are free to take advantage of cheaper gas and electricity prices if, as expected, the wholesale price of energy becomes cheaper in future. You’ll also have the peace of mind which comes from knowing that if we don’t remain competitive, you can switch to another supplier without penalty at any time!

Could you benefit?
In order to benefit from our energy services, your premises must meet the following criteria:-

Gas – we can supply premises with an annual consumption profile up to 292,780kWh – equivalent to around £7,000 of gas each year. You will be placed on either our Small Site Tariff or on our Large Site Tariff as applicable.

Electricity – your premises must have an electricity meter with a profile 01, 02, 03 or 04. The profile class of your electricity meter is included in the Supply Number on your current electricity bill, as indicated in the diagram below.

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