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Business Rates

All prices current as at 16 April 2007

We Can supply The Following ADSL services through The Utility Warehouse

  • Save up to 40%.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Free router or modem available.
  • Free connection.
  • Free email anti-virus.
  • Free email anti-spam.

It is almost impossible to do business today without making use of the Internet, even if it’s only to keep an eye on your competitors! Many businesses still use a dial-up Internet service, which is very slow and can also be very expensive. Our broadband service will transform the way you use the Internet as a business tool, with fast speeds that allow you to download emails and files at a fraction of the time taken with dial-up Internet. And if you’re not using the Internet yet, our
broadband service could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

We offer a “Single PC” Service aimed at single-users and a “Network” Service aimed at small network-based businesses.

No matter which service you choose, you’ll benefit from the following:

Features and Benefits

Fixed rate & always on
Continuous 24/7 Internet access without any usage charges, so you know in advance exactly how much you’ll be spending each month.

Use your broadband connection simultaneously for Internet and voice calls
Many business users with a dial-up connection have typically ordered an extra BT line for this service. With our broadband service you could cancel the second line and save over £120 p.a. on your line rental.

Download speeds up to 8 Megabits per second (Mbps).
Upload at up to 448 Kilobits per second (kbps).

With a broadband connection, you can download data such as email or web pages up to 140 times faster than with a dial-up connection. Upload speeds are over 6 times faster than dial-up, so you can send or receive large file attachments far more quickly.

The network
Customers often overlook the importance of the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) network. We provide more capacity per user than many of our competitors, which means that during peak periods you should get a substantially faster connection.

10 email boxes
Enables you to create and manage up to 10 separate email addresses within discreet password protected mailboxes. Different mailboxes can be assigned to individual users, or to groups like Sales & Accounts.

150 Megabytes of web space
Enough web hosting capacity for approximately 6000 average sized web pages and a toolkit to help add extra functionality to your website.

For users who need to be able to keep on top of their email wherever they are. Each email box can be accessed from a web browser anywhere with an internet connection.

Free ADSL modem or router on our "Network" Service
On our "Network" Service, a free ADSL modem or router is provided for you to access the Internet, depending on the broadband service you have selected.

Technical support
With all our broadband services, you’ll have access to UK based specialist support staff ready to help you with any problem or query relating to your broadband Internet connection on an 0870 (national rate) phone number.


“Single PC” Service
Designed for smaller businesses with a single PC, this 8 Mbps service offers a reliable super fast, “always-on” Internet connection at a price that offers outstanding value for money. And we provide a generous 20 GB monthly download allowance*... that’s double the amount provided by BT!

“Network” Service
Our Network Service is designed for a medium sized business wishing to connect a small computer network of up to 24 users to the internet, (either as 1-8 users or 9-24 users). The service for 1-8 users has a monthly download limit of 40GB* and for 9-24 users the service is unlimited.
Choosing the best way to access the Internet for this size of business has never been easy. ISDN can be slow when more than one person is using the connection, and Leased Lines offering up to 8 Mbps bandwidth typically cost over £1000 per month. Our broadband service can offer similar bandwidth for your downloads, but at a saving of thousands of pounds per annum.
Our Network Service offers a contention ratio of just 20:1, so you can be confident of receiving the high quality service your business needs.

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